Aluminum stained-glass windows: a variety of structures

On the streets of many cities you can often see glass-metal walls of buildings, behind which are hidden restaurants and cafes, offices, banks, car dealerships and other infrastructure. Such designs are called stained glass windows, today they enjoy incredible popularity in construction. Especially relevant and in demand are aluminum stained-glass windows, which are structures that include an aluminum profile and glass as an element of the glazing of the opening. Stained glass windows made of aluminum are an ideal solution for glazing of building facades, as well as for creating interior elements of the interior.

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The presence of an aluminum profile in these structures allows you to solve a variety of design problems, create unusual facades. Despite the lightness of the aluminum alloy, the profiles of this metal can withstand severe loads. The stained-glass window of the aluminum structure can be rotated both horizontally and vertically at different angles.

With all its advantages, aluminum has one drawback - high thermal conductivity, so for the glazing of the facades are used two types of structures - warm and cold glazing. There are aluminum stained-glass windows of cold and warm type. "Warm" designs are used for glazing residential buildings that need effective heat savings and maintain a comfortable temperature. Such designs are made from a special profile and are equipped with a special polyamide insert, which will provide good thermal insulation. In those buildings that do not require special thermal insulation, "cold" stained-glass windows are used, such systems do not have thermal insulation characteristics.

In accordance with the embodiment, aluminum stained-glass windows can be classical, modular, structural and semi-structural. The classical variant of installation assumes external fixing of double-glazed windows by means of special clamping lids. Such a stained-glass window looks not solid, but divided into separate cells. In the variant of structural glazing, the double-glazed window is glued to the supporting frame with a special compound, due to this, the appearance of a solid glass wall is created. A semi-structural variant provides for the use of clamping bars, but they are thin enough and practically invisible from the outside.

Translucent glass and aluminum structures are beautiful, effective and so versatile that it can be used in virtually any area related to design or construction.

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